Markhors ( Premium Peshawari Sandals)

Who are we?

In May 2019, Markhors opened its first flagship store in Quetta with a significant vision: traditional footwear products that get global recognition. Since then, we are striving hard to combine traditional fashion sense with the modern day needs and showing how traditional wears never outdate.

What do we do?

We design and manufacture pieces that embody class, style and fashion landscape. We work to offer our customers the very best footwear as per seasonal trends. Each footwear in our store has been intricately crafted to glorify and enrich the personality of wearer.

We take pride in our culture and deal in traditional Pakistani chappals. Our aim is to get traditional Pakistani footwear a global recognition. With due interest and creative experience in footwear making, we strive to put forward high quality products.

We believe that a shoe is not only a design but it greatly contributes to your body language. The way you walk, the way you move, the way you are compelled to move around, it is all dictated by the shoe you are wearing. While you think your clothes depict your fashion sense, we are eager to show you that it’s the opposite. Let people know your class through your footwear.

As you, we take great pride in our history. Having born with traditional sense of walking, we struggle to let people know that we are proud of our traditions and cultural values. For Markhors, nothing could do that well than footwear.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide our customers with comfortable and durable footwear. With Markhors, every penny you spend is going to be worth it. Whether you plan on going to a social gathering for few hours or will be spending the entire day on foot managing different chores, Markhors is the best companion.

We assure you are never going to feel tired because of Markhors chappal in your foot.

We are changing the game. At Markhors, we offer traditional footwear for men that have global recognition.

Markhors has a wide variety of traditional footwear. We combine traditional designs with modern day needs to manufacture durable and comfortable footwear. Our footwear are an embodiment of class, style and traditional design.

What you get at Markhors?

Our classical designs stand out among all and compel you to get what’s different. With Markhors, you are always going to have that unique piece of footwear to make you stand out in the crowd.

From a wide range of design to all the manly colors, Markhors comes with unique pieces.

For all the people looking for some traditional touch in footwear, Markhors is your best go-to. Our products come with topnotch quality yet affordable prices. We strive to produce comfortable and durable footwear for our customers.

At Markhors, right shoe gets in the right foot. Believe us, that’s all you need to have an excellent day. Markhors is where you need an extraordinary comfort level with classy design. We have employed expert manufacturers who know the rich values and styles of our tradition. We take into consideration peculiar details to produce a quality product.

If you are looking for a perfect footwear, Markhors has to offer best quality, design, style and manufacturing. From a small stitch to the quality material used, you are going to adore everything.             


Peshawari chappal

Peshawari chappal is the most popular traditional footwear of Pakistan for men. No Pashtun in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region wears any other footwear than Peshawari chappal. That’s how Markhors thought to take it all over the country and the globe. Originating from traditional shoemakers of Peshawar, that’s where it takes its name from. It is worn with the both the casual as well as the formal dresses, but mainly with Shalwar Kameez.

Peshawari chappal is the most comfortable and durable footwear people of Pakistan wear in place of flip-flops and sandals. These are usually made up of soft and pure leather. It has a semi-closed shape. The two straps from both sides meet each other at one end to buckle it up according to your feet’s size.

It comes in a lot of designs and pure leather colors. With the increasing popularity and access through ecommerce websites, a number of new designs are being revitalized and sold throughout the world. Markhors is the one and best of them!

Balochi chappal

As Peshawari chappal is the traditional footwear of Pashtuns, Balochi chappal is the traditional footwear of Balochis. It signifies the true essence of Balochi culture. Even after decades, Balochi people are very particular about their cultural values and traditional practices; wearing Balochi chappal is one of them.

The Balochi chappal of Quetta is popular all over Pakistan and is now making its way into foreign markets due to rich cultural significance. Due to their increasing demand, these chappals are made on a very large scale in Quetta. Centered in Quetta, Markhors is proud to be one of the best retailers.

The historic value of Balochi chappals has retained and increase during the decades. Being ideal footwear for summers, the demand is increasing just like the duration of hot weather in Pakistan. These are made with different leather such as cut piece leather, high kurm leather and foam etc.

Balochi and Shikari are the two designs found in Balochi chappals. Various types of Balochi chappal are made and available all over Pakistan such as:

* Marri cut

* Bugti cut

* Jhalawan cut

* Mangal cut

* Sadat Balochi

Each type is unique in its own form!


Sandals are the type of open footwear people like to wear in urban and rural areas all over Pakistan. It is usually worn in warmer climates as they keep the feet dry and cool. This is merely due to design of such sandals.

The sole comes with several straps attached according to the design. The straps go around the back part of the foot and sometimes, around the ankle. These are then buckled up to stay fit to the feet.

When it comes to the construction, a number of different types of sandals are made based on a variety of material used. The sole of sandal can be made up of rubber, leather, tatami or rope. In Pakistan, rubber and leather are the most common.

Sandals originated in different parts of the world and so, South Asia. These are not the customary traditional footwear of Pakistan but are still counted as traditional footwear being related to the land we have lived in for centuries.

Why us?

Choose Markhors because it is bound to make you stand out. That perfect pair of shoe in your foot is going to glorify your personality and add a traditional touch to every step you take. Choose us because:

Best Quality

At Markhors, we put forward best quality footwear that meets your everyday demands. Be it a social gathering or classy traditional event, Markhors chappals are your go-to.


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